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Our Story

Here at Redemption ChiroSport and Wellness in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we understand what it feels like being benched on the sidelines due to injury and debilitating pain that has kept us from doing what we love. Aside from having various experiences in the health care field such as nursing, physical therapy and chiropractic, we are athletes, weekend warriors and active members in our community just like you. We understand the mental and physical demands placed on your body not only throughout daily life, but during physical activity/competitions too.


After having many injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and illnesses, we found comfort in chiropractic care. We were tired of allowing pain medications and threats for surgeries take hold of our care and recovery. We love the thought that your body has its own innate intelligence and ability to heal itself. That's what mantra we use in our office. We are simply facilitators in the healing process and give the power back to you! We are an integral part of your team to remove neural interference and myofascial tautness to allow your body to function at its optimal level. We enjoy teaching techniques that you can utilize any time while you're home or out and about to decrease pain, increase mobility and improve overall function. 


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Meet The Doctor


Dr. Courtney Wright, DC


Education: Tarleton State University (Stephenville, TX): Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Studies
with minors in Nursing and Biology
Parker University (Dallas, TX): Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Courtney has an extensive background in cheerleading, gymnastics and dance, but loves participating and watching all sports. Her love for athletes and sports rehabilitation led her to the opportunity of being a physical therapy technician whilst in undergrad and working at one of the top sports chiropractic offices in Dallas working with professional athletes and Olympians whilst in grad school. Dr. Courtney also participated in the Sports Performance Internship Program where she gained the privilege of working with the Royse City Griffins Minor League baseball team and the Dallas Adaptive Network rehabilitating amputee patients. After completing the Sports Performance Internship, Dr. Courtney was selected to serve at the North Dallas VA Hospital for her last trimester of chiropractic school, working with veterans from all armed forces. Since receiving her license, she has continued treating professional athletes such as The Colorado Springs Switchbacks, professional football players and basketball players, professional figure skaters, dancers, and gymnasts, professional fighters in various martial arts, collegiate baseball players, semi-professional rugby players, and continued working with active and retired armed forces.


Dr. Courtney utilizes different chiropractic techniques such as Diversified, Thompson drop, Activator and Sacro-occipital technique (SOT), as well as various other soft-tissue mobilization techniques such as dry needling, Graston, cupping and myofascial release in order to treat the body as a whole. Away from the office, Dr. Courtney enjoys paddle boarding, traveling, hiking, playing sports, dancing, coaching, and spending time with friends and family. 

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